“Thank you, Dr. Susan Peterson, for your commitment to my care. I can now say that I am pain free as a result of your treatment. You heard me. You understood my issues. For 3 ½ years, I suffered with debilitating chronic sciatica issues. I had completed two or three rounds of physical therapy, multiple steroid shots and epidural injections to no avail. I am so grateful to have found you.”

-Irene T.

“Susan Peterson is a very talented Physical Therapist. She healed an old nagging sports injury that I had worked with many other Physical Therapists in the Washington DC area for months with little results. Susan’s dry needling therapy combined with the special exercises that she prescribed helped me get back to pain free running, biking and swimming with a couple of weeks.”

-Jason H.

“Last November I had shoulder surgery at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore. I had severe pain for months prior to the surgery.(Dr. said I had frozen shoulder, bone spurs, and arthritis. It was actually making me very ill. The surgery went fine however I continued not having the ability to move my arm/shoulder. When my pain and function plateaued Susan suggested dry needling. The results were amazing! Beginning in March until the fall I played at least 75 rounds of golf. My handicap came down to 20 in golf. I have no more pain and have full range of motion in my shoulder. The combination of physical therapy, dry needling and strength training worked! Thank you Susan!”

– Susie W.

“As a dental hygienist I have to sit a lot for my job. My hip had been hurting for a couple months and whenever I sat for a long time it hurt so bad it took me a few minutes to ease the weight back on to it. Susan used dry needling to treat a few muscles and gave me some exercises to do. I only received 2 treatments and my pain was gone. Recommend her highly!”

-Corie S.